Greetings programs!  I’m Jeremy Thompson, an independant artist based in my hometown of Rochester, NY.

My love of art extends back to my early childhood when I would spend hours with paper and crayons drawing characters and battle scenes from movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Buck Rogers.

I have no formal art education beyond the classes that I took in high school, but I would not say that I am self taught.  I have learned and continue to learn from the artists that I admire and through books, and videos. Especially some of the amazing artists who post videos on YouTube.

Back in 1993, when I graduated from high school, I had given up on being an artist as a career.  I made the mistake of listening to people who told me that I couldn’t do it.  It was too hard, or that I needed a backup plan.  In the years that followed I struggled to find my niche.  I would always doodle.  You couldn’t put a piece of paper and a writing implement in front of me without me drawing something.  It wasn’t until January of 2015 that I decided that I wanted to go back to taking my art seriously.  Right then and there I vowed to practice every day and practice in a way that would have the best chance of improving my skills. Very quickly the practice began to pay off and my art began to improve by leaps and bounds.  During the holiday season of 2016 I did my first paid commissions.  It blew my mind that people would want to PAY ME for my artwork.

So here I am!  Ready to share my art with the world on this thing we call the internet!  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!